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With a vast experience in local and international forensic engineering, we can determine damage to structures by investigation and analysis of the structure.

BRIC Engineering delivers innovative and practical structural design solutions for residential and commercial buildings.



We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools, including 3D nonlinear dynamic analysis tools.

3D Modelling and Analysis

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Inspections and RPEQ Certification  

“The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland administers the Queensland Professional Engineers Act 2002. The Act provides for the registration of professional engineers to practise in Queensland.

Registration as a professional engineer in Queensland (RPEQ) is recognition of the qualifications and competencies of an engineer.” 

Clients or third parties may require an independent report, inspection or investigation for a particular project or installation. Therefore, BRIC Engineering is fully qualified to provide RPEQ certification and detailed reports in Queensland and all other states.