Clients or third parties may require an independent report, inspection or investigation for a particular project or installation.



Each project is designed based on our client's brief to achieve successful and meaningful design solutions. Also, considering the environment, sustainability, innovation and budget.

Our design philosophy is based on passive design principles. Giving you the best design options to archive great performance on your house and therefore saving you money in the need of artificial heating/cooling systems, electricity bills, etc.
To get started we offer a non obligation meeting to discuss your needs. If you are happy to proceed, we carry out a site feature survey. Then, using the latest 3D design and documentation softwares, we prepare concept plans including a full set of constructions drawings and  2D / 3D project futures to help you visualized the project throughout the entire design process.

Once the building design plans are finalized , our team of RPEQ engineers will be able to provide you with all the Structural Specifications and Forms 15 / 16 for council approval.


Our service will give you a better understanding of the development opportunities on your site. It identifies building constraints, offers creative design solutions and alternatives considering the potential of your building site before you commit to major costs in unnecessary design work.

Design assessment

Our dedicated and experienced team of designers and engineers will provide you with an affordable service during each stage of the building work. This will include:

  • A site inspection in order to identify potential development opportunities.
  • Property Development searches of relevant services and infrastructure impacting the site.
  • Assistance concerning building code requirements and regulations specific to your site.
  • Design suggestions and ideas concerning the best outcomes for your proposal (build another level or build under).
  • Conceptual design suggestions in accordance with the client needs and desires (complete renovations, raise & build under, extensions & additions, deck & patio extensions, demolition & character specialist, carports, internal changes, etc.).

BRIC Engineering delivers innovative and practical structural design solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

3D Modelling and Analysis

RPEQ Certification

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools, including 3D nonlinear dynamic analysis tools.

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